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By Lexy Timms

Released: 2022-09-14
Genre: Romance
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  • Pain will leave, once it has finished teaching you...

    I never had a real home.

    My parents never wanted a kid so I left home early… and landed with Blake 'Devil' Davis and his motorcycle club. I stayed, because though it wasn't a home, exactly, it was at least a safe landing place. Until Devil accused me of cheating on him that ended with beating.

    When I saw the chance to escape, I did.

    And that was when I found Knight. Another MC president, another warrior, but nothing like Devil. He picked me up off the road when I needed help and took me back to his headquarters, and though I knew I was taking a big risk trusting him, something about him told me I could.

    Was it his dark eyes, full of questions rather than accusation?
    The way his hair spiked up at the back, like he just couldn't control it?

    Just because I found someone who feels like home, that doesn't mean I'm not brining chaos with me.

    I don't know if either of us is going to live long enough to figure out what this thing is between us… or if we're going to die trying to keep me out of Devil's hands and in Knight's bed. 

    Devils MC Series