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A Dozen Deadly Roses

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A Dozen Deadly Roses

By Kathy Bennett

Released: 2011-04-12
Genre: Police Procedural
Size: 2.14 MB

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Score: 4

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  • Someone wants her dead—He had nothing to live for

    Police officer Jade Donovan thought life was going well: a sweet four-year-old son, a good job, and a promotion in her future. But things have taken a dangerous turn. She’s being stalked. Hunted. Her predator delivers dead roses to Jade, each time the threats more descriptive, more terrifying. Her one hope is to figure out who wants to kill her before the intimidations become a reality. And the only man she can trust to help is the one man she’s avoided. A man who can destroy her world.
    Former cop Mac Stryker lost everything years ago: his wife, his daughter, and his career, which he drowned with whiskey. Now nearly five years sober, Mac is slowly rebuilding his life. He’s got his badge back and a newfound purpose: to help his partner find the man stalking and threatening her. It’s his job, yes—but there’s more. An attraction to Jade and her sweet son making Mac feel alive again. But will a secret rock Mac’s tenuous hold on sobriety? When the stalker makes his final deadly strike, can Mac forget the past and save Jade and her son? Or will history repeat itself?

    Authentic Crime…Arresting Stories told by a retired LAPD officer