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Bad Boss - Complete Series

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Bad Boss - Complete Series

By Brooke Page

Released: 2017-08-23
Genre: Contemporary
Size: 742.51 KB

Total Downloads: 45
Score: 3.5

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  • Cocky, arrogant, and dropped dead gorgeous: That described my boss, Mr. Craft, to a T. His thick hair, cold blue eyes and strong jaw held power in a conference meeting, causing women to melt in his presence. I’ve wanted to confront him on his stubborn attitude and critical demands for employees. I’d bitten my tongue in many scenarios and held in my true feelings over a dozen times. Keeping the peace was necessary until I had enough experience under my belt to move onto bigger and better things.

    The only problem was; Craft Marketing was the bigger and better, and the longer I stuck it out with him, meant more opportunities would arise.

    I’d been the only female intern to land a job directly under him, and was also the only one who hadn’t slept with him. I knew he was promiscuous with the tall and leggy blondes that breezed into his office looking immaculate, then scurried back out with mussed hair, flushed cheeks, and unbuttoned blouses.

    I'd ignore the magnetic pull of chemistry and curiosity between us.

    Unless it came to my advantage.

    This is the Complete Bad Boss Series by Brooke Page.

    • Author
      Proof read before publishing@Lelly Pelly

      I almost stopped reading because of all the grammatical errors! 😢 The rating on this book could easily be improved just by correcting that.

    • Author
      Bad Boss - Brooke Page@[email protected]'s

      It was short and sweet but I loved it. I need more of Kelsey and Mackenzie (Apple Books)

    • Author
      Bad Boss - Complete Series@Chocolate melon

      Wowwww. An amazing page turner. Every word has me hanging on for me. Can’t wait to read the rest of it! It’s the best!!!! - Mel

    • Author
      Bad boss complete series@JennaGray

      Well I loved Ms Neill , her attitude and her determination . A fantastic naughty page turner of a book .