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When he proposed, I had to pinch myself. Up until then, his most romantic gesture was buying me a 128-piece tool kit.
When recently engaged Nat flips through a bridal magazine, she spots a quiz on page 111 about being ready for marriage. After failing it, she's determined to prove it wrong. If only it was that easy…Getting married to Archie, whose smile makes her insides go funny, should be a dream come true. So why is it a total nightmare? Examples include:
1) A mother-in-law who insists on a pre-wedding diet and portions that Nat needs a microscope for.
2) A bridesmaid-zilla sister-in-law who forces her old wedding dress on her, featuring satin bows, far too much tulle and a bodice that Nat, the kind of girl who wears Converse and Snoopy-print underwear, doesn't even have the boobs for.
3) A best man who stinks of whisky and tries to kiss her before she knees him in the crotch.
4) A wedding planner who insists on peacocks, doves and pink flamingos at the ceremony.
All of this would be bearable if her fiancE was by her side. But when he refuses to help her deal with his diva family, and goes AWOL on the stag do, she starts to doubt the whole thing. Archie was meant to be the one. But what if her one true love is actually gin and tonic, the only thing getting her through this?
A totally addictive romantic comedy for anyone who has a phobia of bridezillas and who makes the happiest memories during Happy Hour.

Tags: Romance , AUS

Sophie Ranald 2021-06-23